Effective Communication in 4 months

Learn the subtle processes involved in personal contact, examine your communication style and learn what it evokes in others during this four month course.
Beste Opleider van Nederland 2023


Clear communication is often essential, so why don’t things always go the way you want them to? During the course Effective Communication in 4 Months you will switch off your autopilot and consciously consider the subtle processes involved in personal contact. Among other things, you will examine your communication style and learn what it evokes in others. You will also experience how to constructively connect with your interlocutor. By practicing intensively using your own situations over this four month course, you will considerably improve your communication skills.

Unique benefits

  • Long term learning effect due to personal action plan
  • Personal support from an experienced communication trainer
  • Insight into your personal development areas
  • Become a strong conversation partner


  • You will listen actively and empathetically
  • You will be able to ask the right questions so you can discover what the other person really means
  • You can get a clear message across about what you think, feel and need
  • You affiliate and connect with the other
  • You can advocate your self-interest without damaging your relationship with the other
  • You can cope with difficult situations
  • You will be more confident and come across more powerfully

Target audience

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to develop their communication skills over a longer period of time.

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The programme

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Day 1 – Miscommunication and basic skills

  • Miscommunication and other communication difficulties
  • Why talking starts with listening
  • Asking for feedback = getting to know yourself better
  • Set to work… discover your communication style

Day 2 – Insight into your own communication behaviour

  • Assertiveness, the balance between too cautious and too aggressive
  • Non-verbal communication: what you tell, without saying a word
  • Insight into interaction patterns: action is reaction
  • Set to work… what makes being assertive difficult?

Day 3 – Empathise with the other

  • Look at the other: the power of thoughts
  • Empathise with the feelings and concerns of the other
  • Create rapport: a proven method of making contact
  • Set to work… discover your own conflict style

Day 4 – Communicate from your own strength

  • Conflicts: winning without losers
  • Core qualities: seek your pitfalls and find your strengths
  • Set to work… with your personal action plan

Study method

We choose a thorough approach to best help you achieve the next steps in your daily practice.

Receive a ICM Certification after finishing this training!

  • Intake

    Before the course you will gain access to the interactive learning environment of ICM. Here you will fill in an online intake form in which you answer a number of questions to ascertain your personal learning goals. This clarifies your goals, for yourself and your trainer.

  • The trainer

    The trainer is a professional expert, but above all your personal coach.

  • Meetings

    The meetings are focused on the interaction with your trainer and fellow trainees. Through the use of different working practices you gain new knowledge and insights and practice your skillset. There is a lot of opportunity for you to practice with your own cases and examples from your own working practice.

  • Personal action plan

    At the end of the course you will make a personal action-plan. This supports you in applying what you have learned into daily practice, even after the training has ended.

  • ICM-certificate

    After completing the course, you will receive your ICM certificate.

Nice to know

  • When you attend this course in the Virtual Classroom, this study method applies.

  • ICM also offers this course incompany, tailor-made for your organisation.

Locations & date

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Locations & date

You can follow this course in two ways:

Day: The course times are 9.30 to 17.00 comprising 4 meetings.
Evening: The course times are 19.00 to 22.00 comprising 8 meetings.

This course can also be followed completely online via the virtual classroom.

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The course takes place in mei 2024, oktober 2024, januari 2025, maart 2025, mei 2025, oktober 2025 and januari 2026.

The course is provided in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, Maastricht, Online Virtual Classroom, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Zwolle.

Teaching locations

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Maximum group size: 12 persons.


The investment is € 1.690,-.

This excludes € 47,50 per day for the day arrangement or € 17,50,- per evening for the evening arrangement. For online meetings we do not charge arrangements fees.


The total investment is excl. VAT. Exemption from VAT is possible. In that case you pay 10% on top of the investment price.

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The invoice for this course will be sent after the first meeting. If you would like to receive it beforehand, you can mention this in the comment section of your enrolment form.

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