Our goal is to prepare you as well as possible for your next step in your life or career, which is why we opt for the following approach.

Intake | Prior to the course, you are asked to fill in an intake form including questions regarding your personal work situation. These questions help you formulate your learning objectives.

Online sessions | In the joint online sessions your trainer alternates theory with interactivity. There is plenty of room to discuss situations and examples from your own practice. Sharing audio and video with your fellow participants allows you to have personal contact. The trainer provides a safe environment.

Break-out rooms | We use breakout rooms during the online sessions. You and your fellow participants are separated into subgroups to work on assignments and discuss issues. The trainer cab join each group to answer questions.

Online learning environment | In addition to the interactive training sessions, you will work with the rich online learning environment that supports you in the learning process. After the course, you will have unlimited access to all the online material for deepening and reference work.

Personal attention | The trainer gives personal attention and focuses on the issues you and your  fellow students have. You also exchange experiences with each other, so that you learn from each other. Together you gain tools that are tailored to your situation.

Energy level | Together with you, the trainer keeps a close eye on your energy level during online classroom sessions. The trainer makes sure you can leave your laptop enough to take breaks, let the knowledge sink in and reflect.