Online learning at ICM

Beste Opleider van Nederland

Developing yourself and learning is no longer confined to just the physical classroom. Our virtual classroom offers numerous online learning methods with which you are able to quickly, effectively and interactively follow training courses remotely. This allows you to invest time and energy in your personal development, connect with peers with similar learning goals, learn from professional facilitators with expert knowledge and experience without having to leave your workplace.

All English courses, available in the virtual classroom, can be found on this page. Want to know more about online learning at ICM? Read on!

“I was one of the participants in the virtual classroom and it gave me so much energy! Everything I learned was directly applicable. Alternating learning with reflection in small groups in break-out rooms, made the session engaging and allowed for a good pace. The other participants, and especially the facilitator Erica van der Heide, gave me so much energy, positive vibes and motivation. I still feel it now! – Karin van Poelgeest (participant Opleidingskunde (Post-HBO) – course in Dutch).

Online and offline learning combined

We have adapted our training programmes to incorporate the many possiblities that online learning has to offer. While keeping the focus on your work situation and learning needs, we use a variety of different online ánd offline learning methods to ensure an interactive and effective experience. This way, we guarantee an environment in which you can learn and share your knowledge and experience, try and practise new skills and give and receive feedback. Some examples:

  • Online sessions (in the virtual classroom): You, your facilitator and your fellow participants come together in a virtual meeting room. Just as you would expect in a normal classroom, the facilitator shares information (sometimes on screen) and explains the theory. You can interact with the facilitator and your participants (audio or chat), raise your hand if you have a question (on video or with a button) and use other cool features (voting buttons, drawing tools and our personal favourite: ‘the I need coffee’ button).
  • Break-out sessions: During these online sessions, we use so called break-out rooms to split into smaller groups. In these groups, you and your fellow participants can have discussions, work on assignments or practise skills together (for example: roleyplaying exercise). Your facilitator can join your break-out room if you have any questions, or drop by to see how you are doing. The contact with your fellow participants becomes personal and effecient by sharing your audio, video and screen.
  • Other tools: Extra e-learnings, personal coaching and (online and offline) excercises are availbale for you.

The facilitator continuously checks your (and the groups) energy level and makes sure you have enough time away from your computer to take a break, let the theory sink in or to reflect on what you have learned.

What’s in it for you?

An advantage of a programme in the virtual classroom (alternated with offline assignments), is that you reach the essence of the programme more quickly. Our experienced and well-trained facilitators make sure time is used effeciently to help you reach your learning goals and keep you engaged. We consciously opt for high intensity, less information and more interaction, thereby increasing the learning effect.

Also, the social aspect is great: a welcome occasion in times when we may not meet as many new people as we would like. As always, the facilitator will consider your personal (work) situation and what keeps you busy. What do you need? How much time do you have to learn? We use tools and methods to support your learning process.

In short, as you would expect from ICM, we make your experiences as personal as possible and as always, as fun as possible!

Incompany courses

We offer clients the possibility to explore with us how we can arrange (parts of) a learning programme remotely. Together we consider your situation and learning needs and find the best possible online learning solution. You can reach us by filling in this form or calling 030 – 291988.


Visit this webpage to find all our online courses. We continuously expand our offering. Specifically interested in our English online courses? Visit this webpage to find all our courses in English.