Quality & Certifications

Beste Opleider van Nederland

Delivering top quality is a requirement for ICM. We are committed to delivering top quality in everything we do. You will notice this in practice because we work with the best teacher-trainers. We select them for their expertise and extensive practical experience. Our team of Learning Professionals continually monitor and improve the course materials and quality of all our training programs. Additionally, our training and education sessions take place exclusively at excellent, easily accessible locations throughout the country. All our staff get excited about the idea of helping you in your development and are happy to make sure it goes smoothly.

We set high standards to ourselves. That is why we have our products and diplomas recognized and certified by industry organizations in various fields. The customer satisfaction of our training courses is very positive. Furthermore, our organisation and processes are of excellent quality. For quality assurance, we regularly have our customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and the quality of our organisation tested by independent parties.

Certification marks and recognitions

  • Beste Opleider van Nederland

For the seventh time, we have been elected ‘Beste Opleider van Nederland’ (Best Training Provider of The Netherlands) in an independent survey. The survey was conducted by Springest among course participants from various training institutes and highlights our performance strengths. In this survey, we score high on the balance between theory and practice, the excellent customisation, the enthusiasm and high quality of our teachers and the contact with the organisation.


The courses offered by ICM are fully CEDEO certified. CEDEO bi-annually measures the customer satisfaction of our training courses. A CEDEO accreditation means that more than 80% (in our case 100%) of clients are satisfied or very satisfied with our training courses and how we carry out our work as a provider. This assessment relates to the training itself and to peripheral issues such as telephone contact, course materials and the location of the course.

  • ISO 9001

ICM offers certified quality and we are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in all of our areas. ISO 9001 is an international quality standard. This standard contains requirements for standardising quality management systems, and making them measurable and verifiable. This means that all our processes are of excellent quality and that we continuously improve processes, products and services. In order to embed the delivery of top quality in our organisation, we are continuously assessed by an independent and expert organisation: Eik Certificering


In November 2017, NIDAP released its 25th business education and training survey. NIDAP asked respondents to rate different trainers. The survey shows that ICM is rated best of all trainers in the Netherlands. When asked if respondents would recommend ICM, ICM scored well above average. We are very proud of that.

  • The Dutch Council for Training and Education

ICM is affiliated with the NRTO (Dutch Council for Training and Education). The NRTO is the umbrella association for all private training and education providers in the Netherlands. The NRTO’s aim is to promote the quality of private training and education and make it transparent. The agencies affiliated with the NRTO stand for practical, tailor-made and specific education. Members of the NRTO must comply with the established code of conduct. In addition, the General Terms and Conditions of the provider must be adapted to the General Terms and Conditions of the sector. The NRTO is also affiliated with the Stichting Geschillencommissie Consumentenzaken (Consumer Disputes Committee Foundation). Rulings by the Disputes Committee are binding on ICM and other NRTO members. This Code of Conduct can be found at this page.

  • Great Place to Work

We have been audited and certified by Great Place to Work Nederland. They use various criteria, such as our employees’ perceptions of the level of trust, pride and enjoyment within the organization and nine themes within our employer policy. In 2022 we will be in the top 10 of the Best Workplaces ranking in the Netherlands for the seventh time.

Recognised diplomas

To ensure that you, as a participant, can obtain an officially recognised and certified diploma, we work closely with industry organizations from various fields. Below is an overview of the accreditations we have obtained in each discipline.

  • PEOPLECERT– project management
  • APMG International – project management
  • Scrum.ORG – project management
  • IPMA Certification – project management
  • NOBCO – coaching course
  • NOBTRA – trainer course
  • NIMA – marketing, sales, communication
  • MfN (formerly NMI) – Mediators Federation of the Netherlands
  • Stir – Register for Professional Coaches in the Netherlands – coaching course

Permanent Education (PE) credits

As a Cedeo accredited training institute, ICM provides PE courses and training. You can also come to us to obtain the minimum number of points or hours required for Permanent Education. Here you can read more about gaining PE- points at ICM.

Officieel erkende en gecertificeerde diploma's haal je bij ICM